StudyNotes.ie is a free, user friendly educational service for both Junior and Leaving Certificate students and teachers. Currently on our website, you will find: Quick Revision notes, online forums to discuss subject material, personal study planner, to-do list, be able to build your own collection of online notes, collaborate with your peers and teachers.

StudyNotes.ie aims to change the way students learn, acting as a platform for teachers to share their notes, resources and at the same time help students with their learning. We are an online community where educational content can be shared freely and be discussed with other teachers and students.

Students can also publish their notes, sample answers and other educational resources which can be corrected and improved on by teachers and other students. All of our notes are approved before publication to the main site, with a team of educators providing differing perspectives to enhance student’s understanding of topics. You can help us cover more material by submitting your revision notes. Publish your notes →

A platform for both teachers and students

  • For teachers, it’s your platform to share, edit and access online educational resources!
  • For students it’s your opportunity to learn in an active online community with both peers and teachers!
  • The future is e-learning. StudyNotes.ie aims to be the e-learning hub for students and teachers.

Who are we?

StudyNotes.ie is an initiative lead by students for students. Our desire is to see students and teachers making the most of technology available to enhance learning.

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If you have an idea, question, want to report a problem or provide other feedback, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]. You can also stay in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages.