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Louise Boylan - Our Maths Tutor

Louise Boylan is an experienced examiner at both Junior and Leaving Certificate level. She is the co-author of the popular "New Concise Project Maths" textbooks and "Less Stress More Success" revision books.

She has an extremely thorough understanding of the Project Maths curriculum, is a lecturer to Junior and Leaving Certificate higher level maths students at Trinity College Dublin and is currently teaching maths in Mount Sackville Secondary School, Dublin.

Topics Covered

Paper 1

  • Algebra
  • Indices and Log
  • Complex Numbers
  • Pattern
  • Financial Maths
  • Functions
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integration
  • Proof by Induction

Paper 2

  • Coordinate Geometry of the line
  • Coordinate Geometry of the circle
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics

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What do students say?

I would just like to thank all of you that organised the StudyNotes.ie course this weekend. It was a fantastic course and Louise was excellent and taking us through the questions step by step. I found it was very helpful both for revision of topics you may have not looked at in a while and also as an interactive course in which you can learn more about that maths questions you aren't understand, for example, in my case Calculus, Integration and Trigonometry. You guys are a credit to yourselves and deserve much praise for the event yous put together. It is definitely something I will recommend to my own teacher to encourage students to attend and something I will recommend to any friends or family of mine sitting the leaving cert next year. - Shaun

Best teacher ever. Interested in students and is lots of fun, Explains everything to us, when we ask questions, without making us feel silly.

A really excellent teacher. She is very clear and gives great notes. Her classes are really enjoyable as she never wastes time and always cracks jokes to keep us listening!

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Sample Question & Solution

Leaving Cert Maths Paper 1 in

Question 3 - Functions. (25 Marks)
Difficulty: Challenging

\[Let\ f(x)=\frac{x^2+k^2}{mx}, where\ k\ and\ m\ are\ constants\ an\ m \neq 0\]

$(i)\ Find\ the\ value\ of\ f(5)$

$(ii)\ Show \ that\ f(km)=f\left(\frac{k}{m}\right)$

$(iii)\ a\ and\ b\ are\ real\ numbers\ such\ that\ a \neq 0,\ b\neq 0\ and\ a \neq b.\\ Show\ that\ if\ f(a)=f(b),\ then\ ab=k^2.\\$

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