Flashcard: Biology Terms – Junior Cert Higher Level

absorption – passing of digested food into the bloodstream in the small intestine. acid rain – rain water with a ph of less than 5.5.acid rain damages the roots of trees and causes fish kills. aerobic respiration – respiration where oxygen is used word equation of aerobic respiration – glucose+oxygen-energy+water+carbon… Continue Reading →

Flashcard: Junior Cert Physics HL Terms

Volume – How much space an object takes up Speed – The distance travelled by an object in one unit of time Centre of gravity of an object – Is a point in the object through which all the weight of the object appears to act. Pressure – Is the… Continue Reading →

Flashcard: Chemical Bonding – Junior Cert Chemistry Terms

Electrons – Negatively charged particles Protons – Have a positive charge Neutrons – the particles of the nucleus that have no charge Hydrogen bond – Attraction between a slightly positive hydrogen atom and a slightly negative atom. Covalent bond – A chemical bond formed when two atoms share electrons Ionic… Continue Reading →