The Plantations in Ireland

Ireland in 1500 King was Lord of Ireland and had little control. The country was divided into 3 areas: The Pale (English speaking, common law, cattle raids) The Anglo-Irish lordships (Norman descendants, common law, some Irish customs) The Gaelic Irish lordships (Brehon law, clan owned tuath, little had changed since… Continue Reading →

Ancient Ireland

1) The Mesolithic Period (middle Stone Age 7000 BC). First settlers Evidence: Mount Sandal in Derry. Houses: circular, wooden frame tied at top, covered with hides grass or bushes. Food: nomadic hunter-gatherers (wild boar, duck, deer, fish, berries). Cooked on a spit. Clothes: hides cleaned with stone scrapers and sewn… Continue Reading →

The Industrial Revolution

Why the Industrial Revolution began in Britain? Improved agricultural methods provided more and better food supplies Several new machines were invented in Britain at this time, which speeded up the manufacture of industrial goods. Britain ruled over many countries called colonies. The colonies provided Britain with cheap cotton and other… Continue Reading →

Junior Cert History Terms / Definitions

Black and Tans: Former British soldiers who fought against the IRA/They fought the IRA and got their name from their uniforms (Something more than ‘They fought the IRA’ needed for 2M) Bloody Sunday: The day when the Squad killed a number of British  agents in Dublin / When the Black… Continue Reading →

The Age of Exploration: Reasons for Exploration

1.Trade: Europe had ancient trade links with India, China, and the Spice Islands. Spices from India and silk from China were two of the most valuable products in Europe. The main route to the East was by the Great Silk Road. However, it took months to travel this way and… Continue Reading →

Age of Exploration: Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was an explorer, navigator and coloniser in the fifteenth century. He was born in Genoa in 1451 and later studied navigation in Portugal. He believed that the Earth was round and thought that he could reach Asia if he just kept sailing west. He went to… Continue Reading →