Junior Certificate

The Industrial Revolution

Why the Industrial Revolution began in Britain? Improved agricultural methods provided more and better food supplies Several new machines were invented in Britain at this time, which speeded up the manufacture of industrial goods. Britain ruled over many countries called colonies. The colonies provided Britain with cheap cotton and other… Continue Reading →

Mon École (School) – Key Expressions

Je vais à une école mixte / de garçons / de filles qui s’appelle… I go to a mixed / boys / girls school called… C’est une grande / petite école… It is a big / small school Je porte un uniforme… I wear a uniform L’uniforme est obligatoire dans mon… Continue Reading →

Junior Cert German Sample Letter

Limerick, den 15. Februar Lieber Jan, Wie geht’s? Vielen dank für deinen Brief. Ich stehe um neun Uhr am Wochenende auf. Ich mache meine Hausaufgaben am morgen und ich gehe einkaufen mit meinen Freunden. Ich liebe Sport. Ich spiele gern Fußball und Basketball. Ich bin ein sehr aktiver Mensch. Ich… Continue Reading →

Junior Cert History Terms / Definitions

Black and Tans: Former British soldiers who fought against the IRA/They fought the IRA and got their name from their uniforms (Something more than ‘They fought the IRA’ needed for 2M) Bloody Sunday: The day when the Squad killed a number of British  agents in Dublin / When the Black… Continue Reading →

Fishing Revision – Junior Cert Geography

Fish are a renewable resource because they can renew their numbers though breeding. Fish can be depleted if they are over-exploited Why over fishing takes place!  Big ships: Some of today’s trawlers are as tall as seven storey buildings and as long as Croke Park. These ‘super-trawlers’ often travel together… Continue Reading →

Flashcard: Junior Cert Physics HL Terms

Volume – How much space an object takes up Speed – The distance travelled by an object in one unit of time Centre of gravity of an object – Is a point in the object through which all the weight of the object appears to act. Pressure – Is the… Continue Reading →

The Age of Exploration: Reasons for Exploration

1.Trade: Europe had ancient trade links with India, China, and the Spice Islands. Spices from India and silk from China were two of the most valuable products in Europe. The main route to the East was by the Great Silk Road. However, it took months to travel this way and… Continue Reading →