Preparing a Standard Solution of Sodium Carbonate

Preparing a Standard Solution of Sodium Carbonate

Weigh the sample

  • Weigh 1.30 g of sodium carbonate on an electronic balance, as accurately as you can. Use a clock glass.
  • Two places of decimals would be best.

Transfer to beaker

  • Use a spatula to transfer the sample to a beaker of warm water (100ml).
  • Rinse the clock glass.
  • Rinse the remaining grains into the beaker with deionised water.
  • Rinse the spatula into the beaker also.
  • All traces must be transferred.

Pour the washings into the volumetric flask.

  • Pour the washings into the volumetric flask, using a funnel and a glass rod.
  • Wash the rod as well.
  • Rinse the beaker several times with deionised water.
  • Pour these washings into the volumetric flask.
  • Top up the volumetric flask with deionised water, until just below the graduation mark.
  • Top up to the graduation mark with a dropper.
  • Read the bottom of the meniscus at eye level.
  • Invert and mix to ensure proper mixing of the contents.


Number of moles of sodium carbonate
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