Cooling Curves – Engineering Notes

Solvus Line: Shows how much of one material is soluble in another at a certain temperature. Liquidus Line: Between fully liquid state and beginning of solidification. Solidus Line: Determines the end of solidification. Pasty Region: Part Solid, Part liquid. Solid Solution Alloy: Occurs when two metals are completely soluble in each other. Eutectic Alloy: Occurs when… Continue Reading →

Submerged Arc & Resistance Seam Welding – Engineering

Submerged Arc Welding Uses bare wire electrode. Fed automatically from spool. Generates electric arc to heat metal/ Flux in powder form. Fed using a hopper. Electric arc melts joint, flux and electrode. Excess flux is collected and re-used. Fully automated process. Used on Low carbon steels. E.g. Ship building and… Continue Reading →

Manual Metal Arc welding (MMA) – Engineering

1. Circuit Step-down Transformer Converts high voltage AC to a lower voltage (220V to 80V-100V). This means the output current is greater than the input current. This is due to the primary coil having more windings than the secondary coil. Smoothing Capacitor Produces a more uniform direct current by smoothing… Continue Reading →