English Comparative: Modes Of Comparison

Cultural context What you need to compare: the unique world of each of your texts. Paragraph topics to do so: An attitude to an issue: Usually the majority of the world of a text will hold a certain attitude towards an issue such as education, personal freedom etc. For example,… Continue Reading →

English Comparative: Final Things To Remember

We need to return now to a quality mentioned earlier, Efficiency of Language use. As mentioned earlier you need to use suitable language for dealing with the set task, which in part focuses on the writing/ phraseology used when composing an answer as outlined above. Several things should be kept in… Continue Reading →

English Comparative: Structuring Your Answer

Clarity of Purpose This quality involves you completing the set task, here to compare your texts under a mode of comparison. The four paragraphs of your main body are where you will compare your three texts, with each paragraph focusing on a different paragraph topic. As said above, this serves… Continue Reading →

English Comparative: Approaching The Question

Before looking at the comparative genres with regard to your texts we are going to look at how to structure your answer appropriately so it adheres to the PCLM marking scheme that the marker will use to grade your answer. Questions in the comparative section ask you to respond to… Continue Reading →

Macbeth: Act 3, Scene 2 – Summary & Analysis

Lady Macbeth, located somewhere else in the castle, is troubled and sends a servant to get her husband. Macbeth enters and admits he too is unsettled, as his mind is ‘full of scorpions’ as the issue of act of regicide cannot be escaped due to impending threats to his throne;… Continue Reading →

Macbeth: Act 3, Scene 1 – Summary & Analysis

Banquo, in the royal palace in Forees, wonders about Macbeth’s impending coronation and thus the prophecies of the weird sisters; the witches said Macbeth would be king so will their second prophecy come to pass also, that Banquo’s lineage will eventually attain the kingship also? Macbeth then enters dressed as… Continue Reading →