Leaving Certificate

Flashcard: Mechanics – Leaving Cert Physics Terms

Displacement – is distance in a given direction. Speed – is the rate of change of distance with respect to time. Velocity – is the rate of change of Displacement with respect to time. Acceleration – is the rate of change of Velocity with respect to time. Scalar Quantity –… Continue Reading →

Flashcard: Heat – Leaving Cert Physics Terms

Temperature – of an object is a measure of the hotness or coldness of that object. Thermometric Property – is any physical property that changes measurably with temperature. Specific Heat Capacity – of a substance is the heat energy needed to change one kilogram of the substance by one Kelvin…. Continue Reading →

Complex numbers: Roots of a cubic equation

A cubic equation can have 3 real roots or 1 real root and a complex conjugate pair. In this video I show you how through the graphs of cubic equations. I then show you how to solve cubic equations that have complex roots by looking at this example: Find all… Continue Reading →