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Cultural Context Sample Answer: ‘The main characters in texts are often in conflict with the world or culture they inhabit.’

‘The main characters in texts are often in conflict with the world or culture they inhabit.’ In the light of the above statement, compare how the main characters interact with the cultural contexts of the texts you have studied for your comparative course. Texts naturally focus on how characters react… Continue Reading →

Cultural Context: Influence of Authority

I’m not Scared Individuals do not respect figures of authority in the text, emphasized by the breakdown of the parent-child relationship which conventionally centers on the child’s respect for their elder. Michele’s father attempts to cement his and other adults’ authority so as to keep control his son, however Michele… Continue Reading →

Cultural Context: Attitudes To The Family Unit

Below is an example of how material is taken from three text, ‘Macbeth’, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ and ‘I’m Not Scared’ so as to form paragraph topics for the three comparative genres in the 2013-14 Leaving Certificate English curriculum. I’m not Scared The family unit is not prioritized… Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights: Character List & Family Tree

Heathcliff –  The main character. An orphan brought to live at Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw. Heathcliff falls in an unbreakable love with Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter Catherine. Catherine’s decision to marry Edgar Linton almost destroys their relationship. Heathcliff spends most of his life acting our revenge for Catharine’s betrayal. Catherine Earnshaw – Wild and arrogant as a… Continue Reading →

Casablanca – Historical and Cultural Context

Historical context and setting The film is set in Casablanca, Morocco in the early days of the Second World War. In a geographical sense, the choice of Casablanca as a setting is essential to the way that the narrative develops, as all the characters are, in a way visitors there. “Casablanca” was… Continue Reading →