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Arrangement of Electrons in the Atom

To understand the arrangement of electrons in atoms, Neils Bohor understood the spectra. When white light (eg. sunlight or light from an ordinary electric light bulb) is passed through a prism, the white light is broken up into many different colours. This called a continuous spectrum. But when Bohor carried out this experiment… Continue Reading →

The Electron – Physics Chapter Summary

Properties of the Electron It is a particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom. It has a very small mass. It is negatively charged. Charge = e. This is the smallest amount of charge found in nature. It is the indivisible quantity of charge. Millikan first found the value… Continue Reading →

The Electron: Crash Course Chemistry

The story of the electron and describes how reality is a kind of music, discussing electron shells and orbitals, electron configurations, ionization and electron affinities, and how all these things can be understood via the periodic table.