Finding About The Past

Finding About The Past

  • History: the story of the past.
  • Herodotus: father of history.
  • Archive: documents.
  • Museum: artefacts.
  • Sources can be written, pictorial, oral, artefacts or ruins.
  • Primary sources: directly from past, first hand information, from the time.
  • Secondary sources: indirectly, second hand, after the time.
  • Bias: using only the evidence that supports one side.
  • Prejudice: judging before any evidence.
  • Propaganda: using the media to promote one point of view.

Fact vs Opinion

  • Archaeology¬†is the study of buildings and artefacts.
  • Finding the sites: Aerial photography (crop marks)
  • Stories (Troy)
  • Rescue archaeology (roads and buildings)
  • Excavations:
    • Survey
    • Diggers (topsoil)
    • Map
    • Sieves and brushes
    • Numbering artefacts
    • Laboratory
    • Dating: Stratigraphy
    • Coins and pottery
    • Dendrochronology
    • Radiocarbon dating

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