Irish Oral Conversation Fillers

Irish Oral Conversation Fillers

You don’t have to include all of these in your orals, but to make your conversation look natural during the orals, you should use some of these fillers. The more fillers you use, the more the examiner will be impressed with you.  

  • Is mór an scannal é: It’s a great scandal
  • Sín í an fhírinne ghlan!: That’s the plain truth
  • Is bocht an sceal é: It’s a disgrace
  • Nuair a smaoiníonn: When you think of it
  • Is iontach an rud é: It’s a great thing
  • Bhuel: Well
  • Ó, a dhiabhail!: Gosh!
  • Ar a laghad: At least
  • A thiarcais!: Oh jeepers!
  • Afach: However
  • Go bhfóire Dia oráinn: God help us
  • I ndeireadh an lae: At the end of the day
  • Día ar sábháil!: God save us!
  • A leithéid de cheist!: Such a question
  • Dáiríre: Really/Seriously
  • Dáiríre pire: Really and trully
  • I ndeireadh an dála: Finally
  • Cogar: Listen
  • Dála an sceil: By the way
  • Fan go gcloise tú: Wait till I tell you
  • An gcreidfea?: Would you believe
  • Is fíor dhuit: Your’re right there
  • Anuas air sin: On top of that
  • Ar aon chaoí: In any case
  • Braitheann sé: It depends
  • Gan dabht ar bith: Without a doubt
  • Bhí/Ní raibh mé ag suíl leis an gceist: I was/wasn’t expecting that question
  • Caithfidh mé a rá: I have to say
  • Chomh maith leis sin: As well as that
  • Creid mise: Believe me
  • Is doigh liom: I think
  • Creid é no na creid: Believe it or not
  • Sin ceist mhait: That’s a good question
  • Pé sceal é: Anyway
  • An dtuigeann tú?: Do you understand?
  • Céard eile?: What else?
  • Buiochas le Día: Thank God
  • Ar an gcead dul síos: In the first place
  • Creidim: I believe
  • Cinnte: Certainly
  • Leis an fhírinne a ra: To tall the truth
  • Faraor: Unfortunately
  • Is dócha: I suppose
  • Ara stop!: Oh now!
  • Mar is eol duit féin: As you are aware
  • Ar thaobh amhain: On one side
  • Ar thaobh eile: On the other side
  • Mar atá ‘fhios agat féin: As you know yourself
  • Mise á rá leat: I’m telling you
  • Mar a duirt mé cheana: As I said before
  • Ar ndoigh: Of course
  • I mo thuairim phearsanta fein: In my own personal opinion
  • Nil mé ach ag magadh: I’m only joking
  • Níl mé ag magadh: I’m not joking

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