MIG & TIG Welding – Engineering notes

MIG & TIG Welding – Engineering notes

MIG welding

  • Semi automatic process.
  • A consumable bare wire electrode fed continuously into the weld pool through torch by spool.
  • An inert gas, e.g. argon, has a fluxing action and creates a protective shield around the weld pool.
  • The feed and flow rate are set by the operator.
  • Does not produce slag.
  • Used on sheet metals.

TIG welding

  • Utilises a non-consumable tungsten electrode
  • An electric arc is formed between a non-consumable electrode and the metal being welded.
  • An inert gas such as argon creates a protective gas shield.
  • A filler metal is added manually.
  • No slag is produced.

MIG vs. TIG welding

MIG vs TIG welding

MIG Welding (above) & TIG Welding (below)

MIG Welding (above) & TIG Welding (below)



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