Population – Terms

Population – Terms


  • Birth rate: Number of babies born per number of adults per year/unit of time
  • Death rate: Number of people that die per number of adults per unit of time
  • Natural Increase: Birth rate minus the death rate
  • Implications: A high rate of natural increase suggests a rapidly growing population, while lower rate of natural increase may mean the population is not growing as rapidly
  • Infant mortality: Number of deaths of babies under 1 year of age per 100 live births, per year
  • Life expectancy: the expected number of years of life remaining (at a given age)



What factors affect the birth rate?

  • Diseases › having many babies because many will die before adulthood
  • Poverty › labour force of children
  • Lack of partners › IE. China: 114 boys for every 100 girls


What factors affect the death rate?

  • Catastrophic events
    • Wars
    • Violence
    • Plagues
    • Natural Disasters
  • Medical care / education › reduces death rate
  • Natural death › old age (if a bigger portion of population is older the death rate is higher)

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