Working on a mixed farm – JC Geography

Working on a mixed farm – JC Geography


  • Ploughing, fertilising and planting seed.
  • New born lambs and calves are cared for.
  • Cows are milked.


  • Slurry is spread on grass for fertilise it.
  • Grass is cut for silage.
  • Sheep are sheared.
  • Lambs and calves are sold.
  • Spring barley is cut.
  • Topping grass in paddocks.
  • Cattle are let outdoors.
  • Cows are milked twice a day.


  • Crops are harvested.
  • Land is ploughed and fertilised.
  • Beef cattle are sold.
  • Cows are milked.
  • Housing is prepared for winter.
  • Second cut of Silage.
  • Potatoes & beet are harvested.


  • Livestock are fed indoors.
  • Young heifers are bought.
  • Farm machinery is repaired.
  • Fences are mended.
  • Hedges are trimmed.
  • Maintenance work is carried out.

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